Nature – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

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          1. Hello Hannes,

            Yes, I do have some favourites. In general, I like colourful plants, especially the variegated ones, and I also like the historical and sociocultural aspects of plants. All of these are discussed in one of my post published at one of my blogs at

            The post is very extensive and will require some time to load. It is best viewed on the large screen of a desktop or laptop.

            Happy October to you!

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        1. You are very welcome, Nanette. 🙂

          Please see the rest of the conversation between Hannes and I below, for in answering Hannes’ question, I have also provided a link to my article entitled “Variegated Oriental Cymbidiums Shared in the Queensland Orchid Society Facebook Group”, which you can access at

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          1. Hello Hannes and Nanette,

            It is wonderful that we have this lovely three-way interaction here among the three of us: you, Nanette and I. 🙂

            All of this discussion among us about plants might have given you the impression that I like mainly plants. Therefore, I would like to clarify that animals are definitely also in my radar, so much so that I have composed a very special post in the defence of animals, published at

            This is a very technical, multidisciplinary and analytical post dealing with some paramount and critical issues about our relationships with animals and by extension the environment. Please enjoy!

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