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      1. I’m not well traveled. Most of the beaches I frequent are in Florida. And even then until recently it has always been Ft. Lauderdale Beach, that’s where my dad is. I have been to Anna Maria Island when I visited my cousin in Parrish. For our family vacation in July we decided to beach hop and went to six different beaches along the Florida coast. My favorites would be Deerfield Beach and Hollywood Beach. I have been to Mahogany Bay in Honduras, but didn’t allow myself enough time to enjoy the beach there. It was overly crowded due to multiple cruise ships porting that day.

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      2. I haven’t found that one beach that I have to see. But the only beaches that I have actually been to is limited to Florida’s coast, Tybee Island and Mahogany Bay Isla Rotan Honduras. This past summer I went to six different beaches in Florida. South Beach and Hollywood Beach would be my top pics right now. Both in Florida. I hope to expand my travels in the near future.

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