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  1. Your photography is beautiful. Makes me imagine the feel of the South African sun on my face- a most welcome change from the weak and watery Canada-in -April version!

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      1. Things here are ok. Living under pandemic restrictions, same more or less as everywhere else, but grateful that we are not getting hit as hard as some places- though our long term care homes are in trouble. Basically just staying home, working from home etc. What upside down times. For myself I am doing what I can in terms of abiding by public health guidelines and otherwise observing to see what might be learned by these strange times. I have been lucky not to have anyone I know sick yet. How are things there?

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        1. As long as we do our part of abiding by the public health guidelines everything should be okay. Things here are as under control as they can be. We are also trying to do our best to follow the rules to keep us and everyone else safe.


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