Goal vs The Process

“If the number becomes the target, you lose sight of the bigger picture.” – Atomic Habits, James Clear

Goal vs The Process.

The best way I can sum this up is something Sadhguru said.

An Indian man asked him how they can beat Pakistan in cricket. His response was that they shouldn’t try to beat Pakistan. Instead, if they want to win, they should focus on hitting the ball.

Everyone wants to win, yet not everyone does.

Most people are so focused on the scoreboard, they forget to play the game.

Having a goal is not the determining factor of achieving it. That’s where we come to the process.

A goal merely serves as a direction.

But what is it you do? What does your process look like? Are you training hard? Are practising your writing/drawing/painting/piano/programming/photography/talking etc. skills?

Fall in love with the process. Learn to love the grind. The process can be slow and messy. It takes time and patience.

“You must become process-oriented, not goal-oriented. If you are devoted to the process the goal will happen.” – Sadhguru

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  1. Here’s a relevant passage from a letter written by Robert Louis Stevenson to a young writer asking for advice: ” In your own art, bow your head over technique. Think of technique when you rise and when you go to bed. Forget purposes in the meanwhile; get to love technical processes; to glory in technical successes; get to see the world entirely through technical spectacles, to see it entirely
    in terms of what you can do. Then when you have anything to say, the language will be apt and copious.” (5 July 1883 to Trevor Haddon)

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  2. Love the part where you said “a goal merely serves as a direction”. Process is the movement, the step, the action in that direction. I also think that setting up micro-habits helps maintain the process if you are in the habit of starting and stopping. Thanks for the read!

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  3. Love this…and got even more excited when you mentioned Sadhguru coz I watch his speakings on youtube and just adore him…Great to know you do watch his stuff…Lots of love…keep safe:)

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