Return ticket

“Photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”

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  1. I’m learning this rather late. I used to travel to Europe — specifically, to Czechia — regularly, almost annually; for various reasons, it’s now been fourteen years. So I enjoy scouting the various towns and areas I knew on Google Street View — which, alas, is no longer really designed for random browsing and “strolling” the way it was. (For me, even looking at the street maps will help.)

    I never carry a camera — I use the one on my smartphone minimally — because, like the collector (of books, of recordings, etc.) that I am, I tend to try to take pictures of _everything_. Not only do I then not really look at all those pictures — I’m not really looking at the scenes in the first place! So other people’s pictures, including Google’s, will do just fine, thank you.


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