Best places to visit in Namibia

Let’s call this “Best places to visit in Namibiapart 1.

Namibia, one of my favourite countries. There’s just something special about it. It’s difficult to put it into words. It’s something you have to experience for yourself.

I’ve been going to Namibia since I was 5 years old. That was 18 years ago. We go there, almost every year for about two weeks, and enjoy every experience the wonderful country has to offer.

We’ve been almost all over. I’d like to share a few of my favourite places.


A very popular tourist destination in Namibia and rightly so. It’s a beautiful town right on the coast. “Where the desert meets the ocean.” It is truly spectacular to experience such a view.

You can savour this view by going on a quadbike ride through the dunes or take a trip with Tommy Tours. Most people go to Africa to see the big five. Why not see the small five? It was one of the most wonderful experiences I’ve had in Namibia.

It’s a beautiful town to walk and wander in. There are many shops to visit and souvenirs to buy. As a sucker for antiques, I bought myself a Nikon F-300 in 2017.

Palmato gecko


A place where you’ll find some of the world’s largest sand dunes. It’s a view that will take your breath away as you gaze in wonder. There are a few dunes to choose from that you can climb. The most famous are Dune 45 and Big Daddy.

Here you will also find the Deadvlei which is a white clay pan. Inside you’ll find dead camel thorn trees which are presumed to be around 900 years old. They haven’t decomposed because of the very dry climate.


Kolmanskop (Ghost Town)

It was once a thriving diamond mining town occupied by the Germans in the early 1900s. Now it is completely abandoned and slowly being swallowed by the sand of the Namib Desert.

You can tour their museum to learn more about the history of the town. The most interesting thing, for me, was how many of the miners tried to smuggle diamonds out of the mine for themselves. They have a few of their techniques on display. From hiding it in the sole of a shoe to putting a few pieces inside a watch.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Inside an abandoned house


Kalahari Anib Lodge

I have camped at many wonderful places in Namibia, but this place was truly spectacular. They only have three campsites, which are far away from each other. There aren’t any fences around the campsite and I absolutely love that. It feels like you’re in the bushveld. Don’t worry, there aren’t any hyenas around that will come during the night and lick your toes. It’s completely safe.

When you feel like taking a dip in the pool or having a drink at the bar, the lodge is roughly 1km away from the campsite.

I highly recommend taking a sunset drive. It’s an experience you will never forget.

Sunset at Kalahari Anib

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  1. I have been to Namibia before but only to the north, Katima Mulilo. I have always wanted to visit this part of Namibia and see where the desert meets the ocean. Hopefully one day.


  2. Woww, beautiful pictures and what a great post. You have tremendous knowledge about the places. Damn, I am so impressed with your description and perspective about each and every thing. Now I can’t wait to travel to Namibia as you have made me bring it on top of my bucket list. Thank you for such wonderful posts.

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