Kindness and love

“Saruman believes it is only
great power that can hold evil in check,
but that is not what I found.
I found it is the small things,
everyday deeds of ordinary folk,
that keep the darkness at bay.
Small acts of kindness and love.”

– Gandalf

14 thoughts on “Kindness and love

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  1. So true. I was watching The Fellowship of the Ring just over the weekend with my family and thought how prophetic Tolkien is. A sign of a great writer is the timelessness of his or her message that echoes through the generations.

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  2. Evil believes their greater evil keeps other lesser evil in check. I do not agree, the only thing evil is good for is dealing with evil or bad people. this is why we have wars to appease the greater evil.

    I agree with you it is the small good things which happen or freely given by those who have love in their soul which keeps immediate evil at bay. Expanding Soul Love incrementing it out to others is what creates a stir in life gives that extra bit of meaning to others.

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