Like an artist

“Learn the rules like a pro,
so you can break them like an artist.”

― Pablo Picasso

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  1. And just to remind myself, I’ve re-read your photography tips. I must remember to use my cmera ‘phone sometimes. I’m so used to having my camera with me that I forget I’ve also got a backup, so maybe today I’ll try some garden shots with it. Thanks for thereminder.

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    1. That’s very true! I’ve also found myself saying, “oh no. If only I had my camera with me.” Forgetting that I have my phone in my pocket. When my father and I went to Namibia last year I took over a thousand pictures with my phone and around 300 with my camera.

      It was one of the best decisions I made, because I was able to quickly capture the small moments. And now we can look back at those moments and remember the entire trip.

      Instead of just taking pictures of the ‘big’ things, like animals, sunsets and beautiful locations. Now I have pictures of us packing, drinking coffee in a garden in a small town, making a sandwich on top of a hill overlooking the ocean, making a pit-stop to stretch the legs.

      Instead of just capturing things, I captured moments with emotions. And it was quick. When I wanted to capture a certain moment, I quickly took out my phone, took the shot and put it back to enjoy the moment. Now it’s so great to be able to look back 🙂

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