Make something terrible

Go to Amazon or Rotten Tomatoes, pick your worst book or movie, sort it by 5-star reviews.

There you’ll read all the glorious and magnificent things you missed.

Pick your best book or movie, sort it by 1-star reviews.

There you’ll read things that might infuriate you, because how dare these people say such horrible things about something you hold so dear.

The point is, you can’t please everyone.

Remember that when it comes to your own work. It doesn’t matter what you create or do. Paint, draw, music, photography, writing, creating films. The list goes on.

“If you want to make everyone happy – sell ice-cream.” – Steve Jobs

Otherwise, continue with your craft. Your audience will find you.

Do you to the best of your abilities.

Be the best you, you can be.


Start by making something terrible. Something completely new. Something unique to you.

Then, make it slightly better.

Don’t copy others. Be inspired by others.
By their philosophies and their principles.

Then, make it a lot better.

Then, make something great.

Inspired by
Casey Neistat


49 thoughts on “Make something terrible

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  1. We like the way you think !

    Too many people live their lives vicariously through their screens !
    The sun is hot, rain is wet, snow is cold and dust gets into your eyes ……….
    You will never find that out, for real, if you do not go outside and experience it yourself !


    1. That’s very true. It’s something I incorporate in my photography. Sometimes I try the complete opposite of what I would normally do. Sometimes I surprise myself, or it sucks. But that’s where original ideas can come from.


  2. I like the idea of playing with opposites: great movie-poor movie. Creating something going for intentionally bad as a foundational product upon which to build, actually releases anxiety over criticism in first products that feeds procrastination and fear of failure before one ever begins. Better yet is the underlying suggestion that creative product more readily springs forth from play than from work or trying.


  3. Yup–“Do YOU to the best of your abilities” Everybody else is taken anyway. I think I heard/read that somewhere, and it’s true. We don’t need more copies of what’s already out there. I’m very glad God made each of us unique–we should embrace and celebrate that!

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