The Process

I’ve decided to create a new category called ‘The Process‘.

I’ve been taking photos since 2013 and I’ve learned a ton since then. One of the reasons I created this site is to share all my knowledge and personal experiences to help and inspire you creatively.

But the thing is – I’m still learning new things and getting inspired by others every day and I want to share that with you.

Everyone sees the final result of your work – but rarely the messy, complicated, irritated, frustrated, uninspired, confused, complicated side of it.


“Every master was once a beginner.” – Robin Sharma

Saying that, never allow yourself to think you’re a master of your craft, because that’s the day you stop growing.

Always be a student of the craft, and you’ll keep learning and growing.


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  1. I remember discovering I liked taking pictures when I got my iPod. It is when I took pictures with my aunt’s DSLR the summer of 2014 that I realized I wanted to own a DSLR and start learning. I’m not a pro, but I’d sure like to gather a whoooole lotta knowledge!


  2. This resonated deeply with me and I couldn’t agree more. For once staying reachable is essential, and for another is that many desire the end result but the hard work seldom gets recognized. I think many aspire to the end result but few are willing to put in the work. Great post, thank you for sharing.


    1. You’re absolutely right. Many forget the process. Like Sadhguru said, “Consequence is not our business, process is our business. ” We don’t have control over the outcome of our work, but we have control over the process and what we do.
      And for artists, if they rush the process just to get to the end result, it will reflect in their work.

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