“Writer’s block”

Seth Godin is notorious for the phrase – “Creative/writer’s block is a myth.”

What he means is, we are so overwhelmed by the expectation of creating something perfect, it feels like we can’t create anything at all.

“We are certainly capable of writing something poorly. No one has writing something poorly block.”

So start by making something terrible. Let it flow out of you. Regardless of the quality.

If you say you have ‘writer’s or creative block’, first show your bad writing or creative work. If you can show a few thousand words of bad writing and many pieces of bad creative work – you’ll be able to find something good in there.

No one has talker’s block or walker’s block. Everyone can babble a few words or walk a few steps. But when it comes to creating – your mind goes, “Oh no, something big is about to happen, and immediately your expectations are too high.”

Just allow yourself to create something bad that will get you going. As soon as the ball starts rolling, inspiration might just jump out of nowhere and you won’t be able to stop creating.

When you create every day, even if it’s bad work, creating will become second nature, and eventually, it will lead to great work.

“Write without fear. Edit without mercy.”


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  1. This blog was right on time! I kind of know when I think about what to write my head gets in the way, but when I feel about what to write my heart takes over. I close my eyes! I take a deep breath! And them my fingers do the talking on the keys of the computer or the piano or the canvas! I take me out of the equation cause I feel what ever is expressed comes through me, but is created by Spirit within me! I’m off the hook and there is no judgment! Once again thank you for your insight!

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