Never give up on your art dreams


Story by Deleen

I come from an artistic family, so from a very young age, I wish I could sketch or draw pictures.
When I was in primary school, I absolutely hate the, then compulsory subject, Art. I just couldn’t get myself so far to like the jar on the table, filled with dirty paint water and dirty brushes. Even less to try and sketch a vase with flowers. Really! A vase! It’s the most difficult object to draw. To get the symmetry hundred percent is almost impossible.
A few years ago my son introduced me to Instagram. I saw pictures of what people accomplish with color pencils. I was blown away! I found my inspiration on that platform, thanks to my son.
What is very important, I learned that I can sketch, but I can’t illustrate. I can only sketch from a reference – preferably a photo. Without a reference, I can hardly draw a stickman.
So, never give up on your art dreams. It can open up a world of endless freedom!


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  1. I love this inspirational post! When I was at school art was about perfect symmetry and still life drawings too and it didn’t interest me. Now I love nothing better than messing about with paint, crayons, you name it, making messy, imperfect art my own way 🙂

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