Ceres, South Africa

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  1. Well, in the Pacific Northwest, not only are many establishments still closed because of the pandemic, but we have wildfires raging and as a result, one should not even walk outside because of the hazardous air quality. It is a discouraging situation, but then when I open my in-box each morning, like clockwork, I have the distinct pleasure and anticipation of seeing a new photo or thought from the Wandering Ambivert.

    In these days of smoke and fog, thanks for reminding me of the bountiful and diverse beauty of God’s creation which you always capture and convey as He would want you to!


    1. Wow. Thank you so much for your kind words. It makes me so incredibly happy to hear my photos can provide that for you.

      I hope the wildfires get under control soon!

      And you’re absolutely right. I always pray before I take pictures or edit. So that He will guide my eyes so that I can capture what He wants me to capture in order to bring the beauty of nature to others and inspire them.


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