Live. Travel. Trail – Hi-Tec

Live. Travel. Trail @hitec_sa

Inspired By Life

@hitec_sa asked me if happiness is a destination. Absolutely not.

Happiness is the journey!

Enjoy every step. Embrace every moment.

When it comes to collaborating with brands, it’s the creative challenge that excites me. It’s not just a simple exchange.

There’s a certain expectation and commitment to the content that will be created.

Gone are the days where brands hire big production companies to create content. Now they work directly with their customers and people who care about what they do and make. Now, it’s their own customers who create content for them, with passion.

But the most important thing for me is working with a brand who’s just as passionate about the outdoors as I am!


Travel Jacket

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  1. Awesome geleentheid Hannes!
    Ek’s so bly vir jou en jy’s verseker die perfekte persoon om inhoud te skep vir Hi-Tek! 😎


  2. I like the look of that travel jacket that Hi-Tec have produced. Light, not too restrictive but I’m guessing it does the job of keeping you from either losing too much body heat, or getting too warm altogether? Looks very comfortable and practical – and Hi-Tec have always been a really reasonably priced brand that’s totally accessible to the both the novice and the intermediate.

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    1. It’s extremely light! It even fits into a very small bag that you can just throw in your travel bag. It’ sits quite loose and keeps you mobile. Just like you said. It helps to keep a little bit of the cold away, but it also doesn’t make you too hot either. It fits perfectly in the middle.

      I find it very comfortable, especially when I’m out taking pictures. I don’t want something to obstruct me when I take pictures, because this is so light it fits perfectly and sits loose enough.

      I agree, they have always been reasonably priced – and what satisfies me most is the high quality of their products. I have clothes and boots from Hi-Tec that has lasted me many years. ❤

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