The Mountains

“People are always asking me if I’ll ever get tired of shooting the mountains, I don’t think I have an answer to that. The things that are around you every day are always the easiest to take for granted.

Awesome. Beautiful. Majestic. Sublime. All the big cliché words fall a little bit short.

There’s a loneliness that always surprises me. It reminds you how small you are. How small your worries and problems are. I think we all need to be reminded that from time to time.” – Peter McKinnon

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  1. Yes. We easily take things close to us for granted. It shouldn’t be so, but I guess like makes it so. The rush and bustle can be blinding. You can take pictures of those mountains as much as you want.

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  2. “The things that are around you every day are always the easiest to take for granted.”

    I’m more a city type than a nature type, but I’ve discovered the same thing.

    When I visit other cities — Philadelphia, Toronto, Prague, wherever — I like to spend some time walking in neighborhoods, drifting about, taking in the architecture (“scenery”), and just trying to soak up a feel for the place. About a decade ago, I realized that I could, and should, be relating to my native N’Yawk in the same way! Because I was always on the way to work, to the library, to run errands, and so forth, I didn’t pay attention to the buildings around me the way I did when I walked elsewhere. Since then, I’ve opened myself up to that.

    Just figured I’d chime in. Peace out.


    1. I enjoy your writing style 😀

      That’s genuinely so great to hear. Just like you, I’ve noticed that I take much more pictures when I’m in a completely different place, compared to places I see often, which made me realise how many sceneries I’ve taken for granted. Since that realisation I began taking more pictures 🙂

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  3. “Just like you are a lover of mountains, I am an ardent fan of the seas,
    The vastness, the waves, the breeze, the sand & the coconut trees.
    I can spend days and days marveling at the shore,
    The beauty of a sandy beach touches me to the core.”
    -Shankar Sahay


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