Life is a dance

“Life is a dance. And when you dance you enjoy the dance while you dance. No one goes dancing just for it to end.” – Alan Watts

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  1. All things come to end. To dance until one feels giddy, when the music fills the mind so that there are no others thoughts. is the freedom we enjoy as in life. I believe life is a rollercoaster ride. I don’t go on the ride because I want to get off. But when the thrill takes me and then it slows down, there is a sense of euphoria as it stops. A lightness that comes after the ride.

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    1. The goal of dancing isn’t the end. The goal and point of dancing is the dance. You’re focusing on the moment and having fun, in the moment. Life is exactly the same. The goal and point of life is living, not death. Focusing on the moment and having fun and enjoying life and living life. We never “arrive” in life. There’s just life and, eventually, the end.

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