The Practice of Groundedness

“Groundedness does not eliminate passion, productivity, or all forms of striving and ambition. Instead, it is about ditching an omnipresent and frantic anxiety to begin living in alignment with your innermost values, pursuing your interests, and expressing your authentic self in the here and now. When you are grounded there is no need to look up or down. You are where you are, and you hold true strength and power from that position. Your success, and the way in which you pursue it, becomes more enduring and robust. You gain the confidence to opt out of the consumer-driven rat-race that leaves you feeling like you are never enough.”

— Brad Stulberg in The Practice of Groundedness

25 thoughts on “The Practice of Groundedness

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  1. Wonderful quote! Life is interesting. There are days that we are 200% grounded, then other days where we wake up and for no reason, we are at 1%… and we KNOW it is up to us to somehow fill up our spiritual tank, so that we are once again at 200% grounded. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. I love this. I am chuckling since my post today is about lift-off in defiance of gravity. Seemingly opposing thoughts but oh so connected.


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