Kalahari sunset

These sunsets in the Kalahari are just magic. Will never get tired of them.

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  1. Hey! I have come across two contrasting thoughts . Some people think that filters shouldn’t be used in photography since eyes should see what’s real. But some think that filters really enhance the beauty of the picture. Would like to know what you think. And yes , the pics are great.


    1. Great thought. It’s something that comes up quite regularly when I have a conversation with people who are new to photography. It depends on what you mean by “filter”. I, for example, use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos in my unique style. Because when I took the picture I saw something in my mind’s eye, and now I’m trying to recreate that to show others.

      In today’s day and age, people are associating “filters” with being “fake”. Which mostly began with selfies and trying to look “perfect”.

      But when it comes to photographing nature, filters aren’t a bad thing at all. You could also call them presets, which is what they are called in photo editing apps, which is what I use on all my photos. I apply my preset, which I created, then I make a few tweaks.

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