Creative inspiration – Keep moving forward

What are you doing to ensure you’re honing your craft? I’m teaching all of you how to take better photos according to my own experiences but what am I doing to make sure I’m moving forward and learning? 

“In our world, there is no stagnation. Only progression or regression.”

Take the analogy of a muscle. If you’re not working out you’re getting weaker. 

We want to make sure we’re always moving forward. Because when you move forward you discover new things and possibilities you never even thought of. 

That’s what leads me to the journey. The journey of moving forward is everything. We never want to arrive at our destination because then we’ve stopped in life. 

Work in a time during your busy schedule where you can focus on your craft for yourself. Find or create a new project. Find a way to challenge yourself, to push your current skills and understanding. Never be afraid of failure. Keep falling forward. 

Most of the photos I upload and you see are the product of thousands of failed attempts to capture something. That’s why I’ve mentioned to just shoot all the time. Take a shot and think of how you can improve it. Then take another shot and reevaluate. It’s that reevaluation that enables your creative skill to grow. You want to begin to think outside the box. Think beyond what most people would think of. Take a moment to look around for a better composition or angle and take the shot again. Maybe it’s worse, maybe it’s better. But the fact of the matter is, you learned something new. You grew your knowledge and experience by 1%. Now repeat. 

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