“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” 

Change is the only constant in life. Change is about moving forward and avoiding stagnation. Whether we like it or not. It’s best to embrace change and maybe even seek it out. Hence why seeking discomfort plays such a huge role in my life.

Seeking discomfort also means seeking change. To seek a change in routine. It might be the best idea of your life…or the worst. Who knows? The whole point is to strive towards living a life more meaningful and purposeful.

Keep moving forward

Taste and try many different things and styles. Leave room for discovery. Discover what you like and dislike. This can assist in designing your own unique style. Don’t allow your creativity to be limited by who you were yesterday. Build on that experience. Keep moving forward. Do it for you. Don’t be afraid to be different. As artists, we strive to be unique, yet we still want to be called “normal” and not “weird”. The last thing we want to be called is normal, common, average or typical.

Don’t just be inspired, innovate.

The problem with getting comfortable with something, or finally getting into that groove and you’re feeling good about yourself and confident about the work you’re doing, that might be the best time to mix it up and change a thing or two. Sometimes comfort can hold us back. You don’t want to become uninspired or stagnant. Keep changing and shifting your perspective. Keep it fresh. The comfort zone might be safe but it’s boring. So whenever you do feel bored in life, consider making a change. Change something small. Maybe you like it. Maybe you hate it.

Try seeking a little bit discomfort

When I’m out of my comfort zone it feels as if I’m constantly growing and gaining new experiences. Which in essence is exactly what it is. I’m doing something I haven’t done before because I was either too hesitant to do it or I haven’t thought of it. During that experience, I’m also inspired. Inspired to do and learn more, and the entire process just begins to snowball. Before you know it, you’re living a life so fast and so full, you don’t have time to process it. 

Change or seeking discomfort can lead to opportunity because you’re regularly changing your perspective by seeking out different ways of thinking, doing or being. An opportunity for your next creative idea or maybe meeting someone and learning something new from them, or even collaborating with them.

You want as many creative tools to play with in your mind.

A subscriber mentioned that she doesn’t seek discomfort overtly, but embraces it completely when it comes. I find that to be a good and healthy mindset for change. If we embrace it and make it our own, it can make the process to move forward and grow a little bit easier.

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  1. “Keep moving forward. Do it for you. Don’t be afraid to be different.” This line caught my attention… I mean it’s so true that at times we think so much about “What will they think” that we forget about ourselves and get stuck in that moment. We all are a unique creation after all… So why not cherish ourselves the way we are and follow our passions, if not for others then at least ourselves. And even if it’s hard to move on we can always try can’t we? And I truly loved the content.

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    1. I’m so glad you resonated with the article. You’re absolutely right. It won’t always be easy to move on, but we can definitely try. Why waste time living someone else’s life, or living a life others think we should live? Do it for you. The right people will find you with time, and they will find you 🙂

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  2. Great post. Sometimes we do not see change because many are fearful of the unknown hence many remains in a desperate situation because it’s comfortable versus seeking out something that is unknown and you may not know what the outcome may bring.

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  3. Lovely post. As someone once said, “Nothing exciting ever happens in a warm room and comfort.”

    Seeking discomfort really does help broaden the borders of growth. It’s scary though, and I have to really push myself to do it every day. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  4. This is one of your best! I think that “change”, is what this era we are living in and through is all about! It can be so subtle that knowing something has changed, escapes us or it can be so overt and volcanic that it rocks the foundation of our lives! We need to have these conversations because this is how we grow and evolve. Thanks you’ve done it again!

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  5. Wow. Well said. I completely agree with your view. I am also trying to come out of my comfort zone. It might not be easy but try and try until you get success. This definitely is a wonderful motivational post.

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      1. Deeply insightful. And i now dare draw comfort from a dear friend’s pithy remark 30 years ago (when i quit being a banker to start writing instead): “You seem to have a talent for throwing yourself repeatedly into the deepest part of the lake…that too when you can’t swim!”
        I still can’t swim…but i love being in the water 🙂
        Strength to thee


  6. Of course we need change. Though discomfort can be a tall order for people who view comfort as a right and not a privilege. Unfortunately in our world discomfort for a lot of people happens when their favorite coffee is no longer available. Having seen a little war upfront I think looking death in the eye is about as uncomfortable as I want to get but I can say it helped me never to take anything for granted again. And change everything.

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  7. I heartily agree! We need change a new way of being and we need to care about the world and how we live in it, and we need to care aboutone another! The hardest thing to over come is what hurts us, and to then treat life as if it is a new day to begin anew in. The hurt we feel is not without reason at all. And when people do what they have____it is very hard to ever get past deep hurt. How to find happiness then? After that’s the question,

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  8. Change can hurt. the loss of a loved one will change your life forever. How you handle that change is what counts. I am working on being the best I can be. I think they would be proud of me.

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