Peaceful grazing horse #shorts

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  1. In the last hour I made this comment!
    “Thank you for focusing my attention on these not so talked about or highly admired animals, as say how horses get so much attention, which I also love, but, apples and oranges comparison I make because also at the same time, they are both equally beautiful to me personally!”
    Suddenly you brought this beautiful focus to the horses as earlier the other posting focused on the camels. Very timely and quite fitting as I see this!

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  2. I used to own and show horses and was on Michigan State Judging team. I miss my horses. Horse looks a bit thin to me. Maybe a touch of grain, not too much. Could be the angle. Was waiting to see it turn. I used to lie full length on my horse in her stall while she was eating, put my ear on her neck and listen to her chew. When I want to chill out or meditate, I picture myself there. Pretty horse.

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    1. That sounds so wonderful. Yes, you’re right. It is a bit thin, that’s because of budget cuts from the government. As Anysberg Nature Reserve falls under CapeNature which receives money from the government which are then distributed to nature reserves in order to keep it running.


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