Creative inspiration – Creative Journaling

If you’ve ever struggled with ideas or felt uninspired to create, congratulations you’re an artist.

But there might be a way around that hurdle – Journaling

Now, I’m not talking about writing “Dear diary” or what you had for breakfast. I’m referring to writing down ideas.

Keep a notebook/journal with you – at all times

A physical one.

Don’t take notes on your phone. Why?




It might be more convenient to type down ideas on your phone, but then you’ll notice you have a few unread messages or Instagram notifications that demand your attention, and by that time you’ve completely forgotten what your idea was.

The benefits of having a notebook and writing something down can give you 4 times the idea generation. You’re also 3 times more likely to avoid distraction.

As artists, what we want more of are ideas, and what we want less of are distractions.

Design your environment in such a way that encourages your ideas and creativity.

Consume less. Create more.

Take some time during your day and instead of consuming, create.

Don’t get high on your own supply.

As an artist you only need to consume so much to be inspired, anything beyond that is above your quota. You need time where you can grab your notebook or empty sketch pad to write down ideas or doodles. Then you’re innovating instead of only allowing yourself to be inspired.

There’s something special about putting your thoughts on paper. Because you’ll be alone with your idea and the page where it’s written, and you’ll be able to stare at each other. Now you may glance up into the sky and think about your idea, then look down to see if there’s anything else you can add to it.

Through this creative process, you’re able you reach into the unknown world of creativity.

Your mind on paper

The main reason I keep a notebook with me is to write down anything and everything that comes to mind. Whether it’s one of my own thoughts, or something someone says, or something I read or see in a video. Literally anything.

View it as your mind on paper.

It gives me the opportunity to work through thoughts or ideas. Not only article ideas, but photography as well. Sometimes I’m sketching out compositions and trying to figure out how I can improve them to tell a better story and evoke more emotion.

Remember, it’s your booklet. No one else needs to see it. It’s not supposed to be perfect with beautiful handwriting and filled with colour. It’s a place where you can store and work through thoughts and ideas.

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  1. Love this post as I’m a big fan of notebooks. I just find it clearer to write my ideas down initially in the form of a mind map. It really helps me organise the thoughts.


  2. I don’t carry a notebook with me everywhere, but I have a few at home with random ideas, notes, and thoughts…as well as my daily journal. I also have one in my vehicle but I don’t spend much time waiting in it anymore so the notebook sits in the console.

    And yes, the phones are a huge distraction. It doesn’t take much to get sidetracked when intending to make a note in them.

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  3. “Consume less, create more.” This hit home. Distraction by consumption is a real problem. I recently had a conversation with my fourteen-year-old son about this. He watches you tube incessantly, plays video games, etc. Consuming all day, and at the end of it, what has he really done? If this trend continues, what will be his legacy. I know it may be a little too deep for him at this stage in our lives, but I’m trying to plant those seeds. Consuming the creative endeavors of others is not a bad thing, unless it restricts one’s ability to give back by creating as well. Great blog!


    1. You’re absolutely right. You’re doing the right thing. Maybe try and encourage him to do or create something. Whatever his heart desires. The purpose will be for him to realize that it can be fun and fulfilling to create something and put it out into the world, in contrast to constantly consuming.

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  4. When I write, I tell myself to just get it down. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it could be trash but get it down. Then later I have time to mold it. Thanks for the article. Distraction is a big hurdle in my life.


  5. I try to take a small notebook with me everywhere I go. While waiting for the car at the mechanic’s, or waiting at the doctor’s office, I’ve come up with ideas for posts for my blog. I feel as though I got something out of the time I spent waiting. I even wrote a blog post at a grocery store while waiting for my mother to finish her shopping! 🙂


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