Creative inspiration – Keep it simple

It’s very easy to overwork something. It doesn’t matter what your craft is. We tend to overwork, overthink and overanalyze everything. The secret is having confidence in what you do.

The world I’m in, it’s to respect mother nature as the true artist, I’m just the photographer. I allow her to present herself. Whether it’s a beautiful flower, a vast landscape, a breathtaking sunset. I’m trying to capture a moment that’s already presenting itself. I’m not trying to change nature or the scenery I’m looking at. I capture what’s in front of me.

Keep it simple. Allow mother nature to be the true artist. Allow her to do the work. You're just the photographer.

Everything you do should be an extension of you as a person. Draw from your past experiences or how you view the world. When you mix all of those things together it will become truly unique to you.

When we’re young or new to a craft, we tend to overwork it. Because we’re given all this information, all this knowledge, all this skill and we feel we have to use all of it.

But if you look at the true great artists of the world, they make it look so simple, don’t they? They just allow it to be simple.

Inspired by Marco Pierre White


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