Poll: DSLR Camera or Mobile Phone Camera

26 thoughts on “Poll: DSLR Camera or Mobile Phone Camera

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  1. I used to use my Canon DSLR ALL the time, and still do for long shots, like of the moon or of jets flying overhead, or if I ever go mountain hiking again. But the quality of my iPhone pics has improved so much since they added cameras back in 2007 offering a 2 mega pixel view with 163ppi. Now, even my basic iPhone 11 gets 12 megapixels at 326ppi, more than adequate for shooting in a room or closeups of my neighborhood or attempts at cooking.

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  2. I shot with DSLR for years but grew weary of lugging all of the gear around. Another thing was that sometimes in setting up for a shot, it would be lost before I was ready. My phone is always with me and almost immediately ready to shoot. I have a good quality tele lens and macro lens for my phone and these along with my iPhone 12 pro’s built in features is all I need. I follow several phone photographers on IG and their image quality is superb.

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