Creative inspiration – Motivation to keep creating

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  1. Thank you this was a great video.
    I usually paint for half an hour to 1 hour most days either in the evening after dinner or in the morning before work. You see your work with fresh eyes everyday and don’t seem to get as many blocks.

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  2. This is such good counsel. You said one thing that felt like affirmation and relief–to start with something I like and move from there. My deadlines breath down my neck sometimes, and some of the projects I -do- like, but they’re hard and require laborious aspects I actually don’t like at all, which is where I stall out. Every art form requires hard work–cleaning brushes well, citing work correctly, finger exercises, push-ups, whatever it is. But if I start with what I like, I can take that happiness into the hard work, and it really does change the creative flow.

    (I’ve been feeling guilty this whole time for doing that, but now I don’t have to.)


    1. This is all from my perspective and my opinion. Everyone has their own system of creating. 🙂

      That said, you can definitely try to let your happiness flow over into your hard work, and maybe it can have a positive impact on your creative flow.

      You’re right. There’s always hard work to be done, the only question is, is it worth it? If we can learn to love the hard work, at least to a certain extent, it can make the process so much more enjoyable.


  3. Hit the spot! Something so practical to be reminded of! It helps to hear it from someone else! I am going to share it with my niece Leilani who is an amazing artist and needs time set aside from motherhood and wifehood to express her gifts. We have to be intentional! Thanks! I saved it to inspire myself and others!

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