No strangers, only friends

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met.” – William Butler Yeats

Why should we be strangers? Why should there be this empty void between us? Let’s introduce ourselves and shake hands.

It might be something small, but it’s always a delight to meet new people on my journey.

I enjoy meeting and talking with “strangers”. After a 5-minute conversation with 10 different people, you quickly realize that there are 10 different ways to see the world and life. That thought, to me, is freeing.

As Valarie Kaur said, “Deep listing is an act of surrender. We risk being changed by what we hear.”

Let’s share our stories with each other without judgement. Trying to understand each other instead of misunderstanding.


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  1. Something resonated with me in the comments regarding how children are great at this.
    Unfortunately life’s experiences kick us in the teeth sometimes and we hold on to the pain,become too sensitive and miss out on opportunities to make new friends .
    We could learn so much from children about living in the moment and letting go of what doesn’t serve us.
    Sorry went pretty deep there…Happy travels!

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  2. Absolutely true. Unfortunately, we seem to allow all manner of ‘reasons’ to inhibit us from making new friends, experiencing new things, and basically enjoying the different aspects of life! We should be child-like; get back to the seemingly innocent place where every opportunity is used to find joy, laughter, and all the good things of life☺.


    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s so easy to get caught up in the worries and stresses of everyday life and forget to embrace new experiences and make the most of the present moment. The child-like approach you mention is such a beautiful and innocent way of looking at the world, and it’s a great reminder to let go of our fears and inhibitions. Life is short, and we should make the most of every opportunity to find joy, laughter, and all the good things it has to offer. Let’s strive to approach each day with a sense of wonder and curiosity, just like a child, and see where it takes us.

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  3. You are absolutely right, I think every person is a different world and every person has a different point of view. Sometimes we can get answers to many questions that we are looking for answers to, even from people we know for a moment.

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  4. It’s like we need to go back to being children. As kids we had no inhibitions, we made friends easily and if we had a “fight” made up and picked up like nothing happened. If only we could all find and operate from our inner child. A lovely post. Peace and blessings.


    1. You’re absolutely right. The Dalai Lama said something similar. Young children don’t care about other’s nationality, culture or religious faith, they simply play together.
      I’m sure most of us still have that inner child within us 🙂

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  5. Also one realises that we aren’t really different too. Most of us go through similar challenges. We are bound by our miseries as much as we each have our bit of joy to share.

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