The mishaps are the journey

“The mishaps are the journey.”

This is something I’ve learned to enjoy and look forward to on any adventure. Because it’s usually the mishaps that are the reason for great stories and experiences.

Whether it’s getting lost and finding a different path. A flat tire. A drastic change of plans. Just go with the flow in such moments. It’s about seeing where the road takes you.

Have a plan. But be willing to deviate from that plan. Allow for serendipity.

“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.” – Mandy Hale

Usually, in our everyday life, we are trying to control as much as possible. So, when on an adventure or road trip, why not let go for a bit and see what happens?


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  1. No one has everything figured out in life, we must just take it as it comes❤️

    You know what? I should actually have coffee with you one day. Your writings are beautiful so are the pictures


    1. Depending on where you live in the world, we can make that happen. If you’re too far, consider booking a session with me. It doesn’t necessarily need to be therapeutic, we can just talk about anything.

      Use the coupon code “MentalHealth2023” at checkout and the total will go to zero.
      You’ll then receive an email with a Google Meet link and we can have a virtual conversation with each other. I can also set up Zoom if you prefer it.


  2. Four years ago I loaded up my pup and supplies in my Subaru. In two different months we traveled about 9,000 miles to visit my sons (both serve in Air Force) and State Parks, National Parks, ghost towns,…you name it. It was so liberating. I was almost 32 and flying to Egypt to meet an ex who worked there at the exact time Bush declared war. It was a nerve wracking time after 9/11. It didn’t deter my trip, but made me appreciate individual humans~and the beauty we so often forgo for the sake of “safety”. Now, sadly, my RV is gone and I’m staying put on chemo. But I don’t stop dreaming my friend! Keep inspiring us, Hannes! 💛🤗

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    1. Goodness! That is quite the journey! A phrase YesTheory spreads is, love over fear. Because they are also visiting countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. At first they might feel different and scared because of what mass media spreads, but after a short while talking and connecting with locals, they always realize that humans are just humans. At our core we are kind, loving and compassionate.
      Goodluck and all the best with your chemo Karla. Never stop dreaming! ❤

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      1. Hannes, thank you so very much. I see beyond my small world and think of our large world that holds all humans created by God. I see LARGE and the one thing that makes us all human~the heart and how we use it! That’s why I love traveling ~often people fear what’s “out there”. It really opens your soul when we know our “core”. I was working with my iPhone camera to sharpen my skills. My last picture is of a globe. I’ll not stop dreaming, my friend. 💛

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