My name is Hannes van Eeden. I’m a photographer currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.

I tell stories with my camera.

What is an Ambivert? It is a person who has a balance of extravert and introvert features in their personality.

My goal is to break down the complexity of photography and share everything I know and learn along the way, and most importantly, to inspire your creative journey through words, photos and films.

I live my life by Seeking Discomfort.

My anthem is High on Life.

I believe in enjoying the small things.

I live to inspire.

“The best camera for photography is the one you have with you.”

“Start every day with a smile. When you smile, for me, it represents gratitude. It represents that I’m alive. I celebrate the fact that I’m alive. You know, what a concept to celebrate the fact that you have another day of your life which is the greatest gift you can ask for.

Another day to create whatever it is you want.

Another day to pursue your goals, your dreams.

Another day to experience life to the fullest and to experience all the gifts and joys life has to offer.”

Become the best version of yourself. Be kind. Spread the love.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration – I need to get out more with my camera! I love landscape photography. My greatest achievement (so far) was getting a pretty good shot of the Milky Way from deep in the heart of Southern Arizona where the sky was truly dark.


  2. I’m glad to know you in this space! I enjoyed learning about you. And I am also an ambivert! Thank you for sharing your amazing captures. The world is filled with such beauty.


  3. I’m an ambivert too! Not many people know what that is! You have some great photos here. I love photography too–although my blog has a lot more words that photos.


    1. Hi fellow ambivert! That’s true. Although I’ve noticed more people become familiar with the term and are using it more often.
      Thank you so much 🙂 What do you use to take your photos? Camera or phone?


  4. I was extremely fortunate in attending a school in the ’60s and given a well rounded education; academics, sport and abundant extra-mural activities. One of these was a Photographic Club. Using the club’s equipment, I was taught some fundamentals about taking photos, developing the film and then printing pictures – all in black and white. For me it was a most exciting experience; taking pictures and then processing them until holding the finished article in my hand!
    This set me on a journey of discovery, capturing many activities, people and places. Especially pictures of my family, particularly my children.
    In my lifetime I have flown airplanes, water ski raced, global traveled and always photography was part of this. Being able to look back at pictures over a lifetime means that not all aspects are erased from my personal history book.
    I am so grateful for photography over the ages as it provides an illustrated presentation of bygone historical events, and as one who is always researching, this is invaluable. As a blogger I follow a couple of sites (yours included Hannes) that produce magnificent pictures.
    My Nephew, part of a crew on Qatar Airlines has flown to more countries than I can count and everywhere he goes he take photos. I just love his blogsite. Because, although I have traveled a good deal myself, the greater portion of the globe I have never seen. Photos take me there as if I were physically visiting.
    When private flying became too expensive for me as a pilot, I would ‘armchair fly’ by subscribing to magazines and You Tube vids, flying for practically free!
    The internet and Social Media thrive on photos, where would we be without them?
    Keep up the excellent work Hannes.


    1. Thank you for sharing your story, Peter.

      It must’ve been a wonderful experience in those days to take a picture and then having to go through the process of developing the photo and seeing it for the first time. It sounds like you lived a life filled with adventure and valuable memories.

      What is the URL of your nephew’s site? I’d like to take a look.

      You’re right. The internet and social media have opened new doors into new worlds. Where we can explore and travel the world from the comforts of our home.

      Thank you Peter!

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  5. Very true: The best camera that you have is the one that’s with you. This tends to be my iphone right now but I’m picking up my DLSR more now that the hour has gone back — more light. 🙂


  6. It’s surprising but almost never mentioned that, at a time when the quality of writing (even simple grammatical construction and word usage) is declining apace, photography is flourishing. News reporting and sometimes even fiction are often almost unreadable, but there are photographic treasures everywhere you look on the internet. For nonfiction, you might consult Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman philosopher who wrote very popular 20th century books — most famous are “The True Believer” and “Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements” — about the changes he saw in his lifetime. Many of his observations resonate in different situations today.

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  7. Enjoyed my journey through you site Hannes, stimulating and encouraging. At school I was a member of the Photographic Club and did my own developing and printing. This not only taught me a fair amount about photography, but life and living too. Keep up the good work, especially your sharing with others.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the journey, Peter! I hope you come back for more. I wish more schools today had photography clubs. I’m eager to hear what it taught you about life and living? Are there a few things you can highlight?

      Thank you! I absolutely will! 🙂

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