My name is Hannes van Eeden. I’m a photographer currently living in Cape Town, South Africa.

I tell stories with my camera.

What is an Ambivert? It is a person who has a balance of extravert and introvert features in their personality.

My goal is to break down the complexity of photography and share everything I know and learn along the way, and most importantly, to inspire your creative journey through words, photos and films.

I live my life by Seeking Discomfort.

My anthem is High on Life.

I believe in enjoying the small things.

I live to inspire.

“The best camera for photography is the one you have with you.”

“Start every day with a smile. When you smile, for me, it represents gratitude. It represents that I’m alive. I celebrate the fact that I’m alive. You know, what a concept to celebrate the fact that you have another day of your life which is the greatest gift you can ask for.

Another day to create whatever it is you want.

Another day to pursue your goals, your dreams.

Another day to experience life to the fullest and to experience all the gifts and joys life has to offer.”

Become the best version of yourself. Be kind. Spread the love.

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  1. Hi Hannes, thank you for educating me about ‘Ambivert ‘and I think I am one too, or at least aspire to be one. My favorite tools in life are kindness and tolerance which is a one size fits all mantra.
    So nice to meet you from thousands of miles away!


      1. Personally, life is fine here as I have invested time and energy over the past year to make myself stronger in every possible aspect of my being. As such, I am able to live in a way, that I can observe without becoming a victim of life. Clear of mind and independent thinking. To my surprise, I have become a more spiritually aware and connected person in a way that is changing me, at a physical and neurological level. I would never have believed a year ago that, I would have just written that here! I have always been interested in photography, art and design, as it is the basis of a career that spanned some years, but now retired. I am still active when inspired and will soon be taking brushes to the canvas. I love living in France, it is picturesque here and many other places, with everything from beautiful coastlines, beaches, mountains, snow-capped peaks, rivers and lakes.
        Feel free to provide some colour about yourself


        1. It’s wonderful to hear that you invest time in your own well being. I think you might appreciate this quote, “I’ve never felt like a victim.
          I have a lot of proof that the world is conspiring to make me happy.” – Matthew McConaughey, Greenlights

          As a young person who has entered the world of psychology, I quickly learned that it’s okay not to have life “figured out” at 21, because I’ve had conversations with many people double or triple my age who is still “figuring it out”.

          Life isn’t over until it’s over. Until then, we will always learn new things and keep on growing.

          I’m in my fourth year studying psychology. I do consultation for companies by making the work environment more efficient and effective. I believe everyone should find fulfilment at work, regardless of what they’re doing. It is the most wonderful thing to witness when that transition has taken place.

          As an ambivert, I do enjoy some alone time. That’s when I hit the road in search of new landscapes where I can lose myself in the outdoors and capture its beauty, and also share it with you. 🙂


          1. I am not surprised at all to learn that you are studying psychology!
            I made contact with someone in Oklahoma, USA, who is an established psychiatrist with a Cherokee blood line with a very spiritual background. I invited her into my activities online and is now a part of a team of three that work on presenting ways of dealing with life issues and more. The third member is a life coach and hypnotherapist in Saskatchewan, Canada. We have a connection that defies description by words and one that we are all aware of and enjoy. Our meetings create such an interesting range of discussions and topics that elevate the three of us. We are on a journey together, from different cultures, backgrounds and life experiences, but with a common understanding and connection.
            We invited, manifested, whichever term you wish to use, into each others’ lives
            It has changed each one of our lives in a strong, positive and fruitful way.
            I am happy to invite more people like this into my life.
            Thank you for your exchanges and the wonderful things that you post here on your site.
            Love and hugs from France


          2. That sounds wonderful! The internet can be an amazing thing, as it allows us to connect with others around the world. It’s great to hear that you’ve connected with like-minded people and how you help each other grow in life 🙂

            Thank you so much for your kind words and for appreciating my work ❤

            Looking forward to our future exchanges! Have a great weekend!


  2. Glad to have met an ambivert out here! I love your work, your stories, and the simplicity you share in this space. its very rustic, authentic, and beautiful. It makes me smile. Thank you Hannes. 🙂

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