Facebook group: Wandering Ambiverts

I made a Facebook group for you, my community, called “wandering ambiverts“.

It’s a place where you can share your nature photos and videos, and where you can engage with each other as a community. It also makes it possible and easier for me to see your photos.

Join with the link below. See you there!


Last one for 2021

Thank you for a great year. Thank you for being such an amazing community. I’ve had a great time receiving feedback and chatting with you in the comments. Thank you for always being so kind and positive.

I have many things planned for 2022. I hope some of it inspires you for your own creative journey!


“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” 

Change is the only constant in life. Change is about moving forward and avoiding stagnation. Whether we like it or not. It’s best to embrace change and maybe even seek it out. Hence why seeking discomfort plays such a huge role in my life.

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